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Ashley Potocnik

Overall great!

Ben Albertson

I go through a ton of USBs for work. I work in a hazardous environment so usb dont last long. So I buy in bulk and hand them out to my coworkers. The USBs are quality and last longer than ones off the shelf, and they are more affordable too. I've tried many different models that they offer and they are all great.

Suzanne Hatch

I have used Customusb for the last three years. They are always great to work with and their pricing is competitive.

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Versatile, all-in-one charging cables for your next promotional giveaway or event. Showcase your brand on 2 or 4-in-one charging cables that eliminate the need for multiple cables which at get tangled and jumbled in a bag. Instead, these universal cables won’t tangle and will make your client's or employee's lives easier. You’ll get brand impressions while these cables are used day in and day out!

Why custom usb charging cables are a great promo item

Instead of typical branded giveaway products, why not pick something that’s unique so you can be sure your item will be used? People will associate your brand with a simple solution that becomes their go-to cable. Anytime people charge a phone, tablet or other device, your brand will be front and center in their minds and others who stop to admire this handy cable keeper. The lanyard phone charger also has the capability of carrying an ID badge and keys so conference attendees, students, and gym members will be toting your logo around their necks. What could be better?

People need all-in-one chargers in their lives

Whether or not people know it, they spend part of every day getting frustrated at all their charging cables as they pack their purse, suitcase or other bag. Between lost, tangled and damaged cables, it’s not just annoying - it can mean being without a usable phone until a new charger is found! All-in-one cables save the day because they don’t tangle, and are easy to store safely.

These cables have it all

There are two types of all-in-one charging cables available, so you can pick the one that best fits your clients, employees or other purpose.

The QuadroCircle and QuadroSquare charging cables are 4-in-1 and include Type-A, Type-C, Lightning (Non-MFI), and Micro USB cables. Your logo can be printed in full color and full bleed printed plate design for edge-to-edge graphics on a 1.97" x 1.38" print area, so people will be sure to notice your brand as these chargers are used to charge devices and transfer data.

The lanyard phone chargers are compatible to charge most devices. You can choose from a 2-in-1 USB to Lighting/MicroUSB port that works with iPhones, iPads and Androids, or a USB to Type C connector that works with Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Sony, OnePlus and others for charging purposes only (not data transfer). This product is excellent for educational institutions, conferences or gym-goers, because it can be worn around the neck and also carry ID cards, keys and more. It’s crafted with durable polyester so it won’t wear out like commonly-used plastic cables, plus it’s more flexible. The lanyard phone charger has a print area of 33.50" x 0.50", so you can repeat your logo on the lanyard, plus you can print your logo on both sides of the lanyard for maximum effect.

All CustomUSB products include a lifetime warranty and hassle-free returns, and custom Pantone color matching is available with orders of 250+.

Why not try a custom charging cable for your next promotional giveaway or event? Our in-house design team is available if you need design assistance through the "Chat Now" button. For more products like this, or to include in a custom kit, visit our custom swag box page to learn more.