YETI Gifts

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Completely personal, one-of-a-kind premium YETI products complete with personalized packaging, personal notes, and individualized products all in one step.

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YETI Gifts

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Ashley Potocnik

Overall great!

Ben Albertson

I go through a ton of USBs for work. I work in a hazardous environment so usb dont last long. So I buy in bulk and hand them out to my coworkers. The USBs are quality and last longer than ones off the shelf, and they are more affordable too. I've tried many different models that they offer and they are all great.

Suzanne Hatch

I have used Customusb for the last three years. They are always great to work with and their pricing is competitive.

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Personalized YETI Gifts

Looking to wow your VIP clients, employees and more? Search no further - our YETI gift kits are meant to drive the personalized experience with individually customized packaging, notes and products. From the unboxing experience to ownership of these high quality, one-of-a-kind products, your clients, employees and partners will know you value them and you’ll have a connection that will last for years to come.

Why custom YETI gifts will help your company

When you want to go the extra mile to really wow, personalized YETI drinkware is the way to go with packaging and gifts tailored to each individual recipient. Your clients will have a physical token and unboxing memory to build trust and feelings of reciprocity, so they’ll remember to use your company and tell their friends.

Show them that you value them

With high-quality, tastefully designed products and packaging that is truly one-of-a-kind, clients will have a unique unboxing experience that adds to the value of the gift as well as the high-quality gift itself. Most importantly, they’ll feel valued and have a physical token of your appreciation. Emotional connection with a brand triples the lifetime value for your clients. Our YETI products give your clients a physical reminder of the value they hold to you and your company for years to come.

You can’t go wrong with custom YETI gift boxes

Our variety of custom YETI products available for individualization are premium quality, and the gift boxes are created with VIP clientele in mind. Our YETI products have no minimum for shipping and are available for quick turnaround. Our high quality printing will stay on for the life of the product. Click on the desired product and "Customize Now" button, and design away! If you’re looking for more drinkware for gifting, check out our drinkware catalog today.